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Our farm is made up of 20 hectares of land surrounding the farmhouse and converted to organic production.

The land is divided into arable (with crop rotation of wheat, sunflowers and barley), woodland, a pasture meadow for hay production, a vineyard, a vegetable garden where we harvest seasonal vegetables to serve in our kitchen, a small production of saffron, and finally an olive grove.

The latter, together with the breeding of Chianina cattle, are the flagship of our farm. Our animals are raised with passion and respect from birth, registered in the herd book according to the criteria of certified bodies (APA, ANABIC, 5R) and fed with healthy produce.

In our olive grove, from October, we harvest the olives from which we produce Umbria’s famous extra virgin olive oil, known for its aroma, its delicacy and low acidity, and which is used in our kitchen or sold directly to our guests.

For some years we have been producing hams and other cured meats from pigs outdoor reared on the farm, fed with acorns collected in our woods, barley, corn and field beans. These ‘Km zero’ products allow you to rediscover true flavours.

Among the products of our farm we also have the wildflower honey that we produce from these hills, which we then sell or use for breakfast in the restaurant.

Furthermore, wandering around the farm you will also see other small animals such as hens, chickens, rabbits, geese and pigs.